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10 Top Mistakes of Running Your Online Business

If you want to be your own boss and run your business online, there are some things that you must keep in mind. For it to be successful, you can learn from the top mistakes that people encounter in running their online business.

 1. The attitude I am my own boss

You probably decided to have your own business because you want to be your own boss. You’re sick and tired of running errands for your boss and receiving bad remarks when all you did was what you think is the best you can give. However, this should not be the reason why you’re starting an online business. Take time to assess yourself. Are you the boss that you want yourself to follow? Can you call yourself a good boss?

2. Learning and applying it

Some people learn and overdo it. They end up not applying what they learn. Others learn yet apply it incorrectly. They end up missing what they learned. Study about online business and apply what you learned correctly.

3. Dealing too much over the unnecessary

Set your priorities. Online or not, it is a business where every aspect must be attended. But don’t consume everything in one aspect only. Seek on the things that matters most and learn to manage your time to be able to run through everything.

4. Wrong investment

Your friend told you about a webapp that is perfect for your business. Although it’s expensive, you find it very reliable. After some time, it turns out to be just an accessory and you can run things normally without it.

5. No email list

Most of the internet marketers that’s just started fail to create an email list of their subscribers. These subscribers serve as your leads.

6. Ignoring SEO

Your online store may not be selling at this time even if it’s already been launched after 6 months because you’re not using an effective way to make your website popular. This is the purpose of SEO. You can drive organic traffic in your online store through SEO. This will give you more sales from subscribers and frequent visitors.

7. Outdated

Your website looks boring. It is outdated and you’re not planning to move anything in the future. What do you expect people will think about your business when there are other online businesses around? Can you compete with such outdated website?

8. Close minded

Dig in on what’s new. Attend meeting and conference that will help you master your craft. There are information and things that you must not know yet, which could be the problem why your online business is staying afloat.

9. Overwork

Don’t make it your life. Meaning, consume everything in this one website. Go out and celebrate life as well. So, when you come back, you’re giving your online business a new delight and meaning.

10. Forgetting your target market

When you’re too obsessed on getting sales and payments, your consumers are decreasing in number. You know why? You’re poor customer service drove them away searching for other online shops that satisfies them.


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