5 Revenue Channel to Optimize in Online Marketing

When you’re gearing towards being profitable online, you must know the top 5 revenue channels that you must utilize with your ecommerce website. These revenue channels are the main reasons why your online competitors boom in their publicity online. Therefore, it is not too late to close your business when you can perform the following remedies:

 1.     Search Engine Optimization

Some businesses think that having a website is enough. Frankly speaking, it’s useless, most especially without SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective mediums that you can use when it comes to marketing your business online. Imagine you have a website but no one’s visiting it. What’s the use when you can rank it on the search engines so people can click on it and make it their reference when they look for a product or service that you have. All you have to start with is making your website search engine friendly. Contact a professional SEO service provider to help you with this.

 2.     Search Engine Marketing

So, what is the difference of SEM from SEO? Search engine marketing is also geared to helping company-based websites to rank on the search engines. However, this is a payment-based search. An example of this is the pay-per-click or PPC service. So when you say SEO it is organic search while SEM is paid search.

 3.     Newsletter Marketing

Your website is established and has gained massive hits and views from your online-based customers. Now, your goal is to build a long-term relationship with these customers. This can be done through newsletter marketing. By sending newsletter in a periodic routine, you can market your products or services to a massive number of people. You can include here helpful tips that go with your products or benefits that make your services great. This is a perfect digital marketing move for ecommerce websites.

 4.     Social Media

Since the public are consumed in their social media accounts, marketers and ecommerce website owners feel it effective to market their product on social media websites. It is an added publicity when your business has an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites that have many users. Of course, it does not stop from there. You have to make your social media accounts active always. Therefore, you have to post pictures, statuses, tweets and any other details that will help you market your business. In every post, it is good to include the link of your ecommerce or e-store website so you can also benefit from having good rankings.

 5.     Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is when potential customers type your website url at the url section of the web browser. What this also means is that these potential customers already know about your company and its url. Therefore, if your brand awareness camapign has reach the minds and hearts of the masses, you tend to receive more and more traffic coming from direct channel.


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