E-commerce Mistakes

Common Mistakes on Ecommerce Websites

You may be committing one of these common mistakes and can be the fundamental reasons why you’re not generating revenue at this time.

 1. Poor registration process

Every ecommerce website asks for profile information from the consumer. In this way, the company will be able to locate and have an idea on its consumers. Having poor registration processes can limit the chance of getting large customer base.

2. No SEO

Ecommerce websites is a product of online marketing. Therefore, ignoring the marketing prowess of SEO to build traffic to your e-store can diminish your opportunity to generate more sales.

3. Too many order steps

Who would want to order when it takes time to do so? Example of this is providing poor instructions on how to order and missing order forms. An online store can make much use of an order form or checkout system for convenient order taking.

4. Limited payment options

You can expect to receive low sales when you have limited payment options. People vary when it comes to paying. Therefore, the convenience of providing many payment options can give them the feeling of having many ways to pay the service or product desired.

5. Short descriptions and uncategorized products

An online shopper won’t be satisfied with only photos on your ecommerce website. Make sure to provide product descriptions such as Brand, category, color, price and other things that will help the consumer in shopping. Also, an ecommerce website that does not categorize its products or services may reduce the interests of a consumer to buy a specific product or service.

6. Unappealing customer support

In the world of online marketing, providing a great customer support or service will contribute a long way. Basically, online shoppers base their experience from the service provided to them. For instance, how their orders are attended, providing details in a given time and appreciating every purchase made. Simple emails and SMS compose an appealing customer service.

7. No contact details

How can one order or ask for clarifications when there are no contact details provided. Generally, consumers today are smarter. Online shoppers look for company details such as contact information to be able to confirm is a specific online shop is legitimate.

8. Outdated website look and feel

Aside from not utilizing SEO, the gravest mistake that an ecommerce website can commit is having outdate website layout. Who would be enticed to buy when you show photos that are unclear? Who would be interested to park and browse the website when the colors are unattractive and products are disorganized? A simple, neat-looking yet descriptive ecommerce website is an ideal e-store.

One way or another, you may be committing one of these mistakes. It is not too late to work on this to regain your business rapport and secure a good customer base. With this and more, you can expect a fast flow of revenue piling up every month. For starters, keep these items in mind when you’re creating and launching your ecommerce website.


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