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Important Website Viewers: Human vs Google Bot

There are two spectators who are always online. They judge your website as they look and read what they see. But how is Google Bot different from the way we, humans, see a website?

What is Google Bot?

Have you heard of web spider? Did you hear a web consultant or programmer say robot? These are two other terms for Google bot. A robot and a spider, what does these two do? Crawling spider or robot are terms used to indicate web browser. When you have a website, it is responsible for identifying the texts on your website. That being said, it is the primary reason why your website should include keywords, which make your website appear once the specific keywords or keyword phrased is typed in a search bar.

Therefore, a human and robot is totally different from one another. Obviously, humans benefit from Google bot when they type what they are looking for in a search engine.

How Do You Make Your Website Google Bot Friendly?

Everything is all about text. These web crawlers or robots only identify your website through acknowledging the texts therein. Therefore, when there is more texts in your website, the more that you’ll be identified by the robot. Though simply having texts is not enough, your texts should include keywords or keyword phrases that is related to your business, service and product.

Pick the Right Keywords

This is mainly one of the important things that your SEO provider does for you. They must be knowledgeable in providing you the best keywords that will enable you to rank in the search engines like Yahoo, Bing and AOL. So, what are the factors that will help you choose the best keywords for your website?

1. Domain Age and Name

Although SEO specialists debate on this, it is said that you can rank easily if you have a long-running website. If your website has been active for more than a year or even above, you can use it as a good way to optimize and rank successfully. For keywords, you can take your keyword with your domain name. For example, your domain name is You can take landscape and masonry Maryland as one of your keywords. This will be a good start for optimization.

2. Location

If you offer services or products nationwide or international, you can use a generic keyword about your service or product. But, if you’re only serving a specific location, it’s best to have it on your keywords. In this way, you’ll be able to categorize your website among the businesses that provide this service or product in this particular location. Thus, you’ll have less competition in the search engines.

3. Market Competition

Lastly, know your competition. Should you use a one-word keyword or use a long tail keyword phrase that has the location? Since there are many businesses online, there are keywords that will be used by most businesses under one category. Therefore, you must use a keyword wherein you can be placed in the first or second pages of the search engine results page.


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