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Learning About the Latest Google Update

As the leading search engine, Google ensures to give various updates and changes on its algorithm. In a year, Google is believed to conduct 500 algorithm updates. With this being said, an SEO service provider cannot guarantee to any of its client that it can place one’s website # 1 in specific period.

Overview on Google Updates

There are two particular updates that you must be familiar with when you’re just new in the SEO field. These two updates are

1. Penguin

Google Penguin is an update that is made to discern web spammers. Generally, the websites that don’t meet the quality guidelines of Google receive low rankings. On the other hand, you can lift your website standing through incorporating constant text posting. But don’t overdo the text by placing too much keywords on your website. You’ll end up getting penalized for it.

2. Panda

Before Penguin, Google Panda is the basis of SEO specialists in optimizing clients’ websites. Digital marketing or Internet marketing companies dealt with this update in order to inform website owners or administrators that having quality content is important for search engine rankings.

These updates are applied in Google Malaysia, Google UK, Google Philippines and other countries all over the world that utilize Google. In summary, an SEO specialist must ensure that a particular website is following or in compliance with the quality standards produced by the Google updates.

Benefit From Learning Google Updates

Once you know these updates, you can optimize your website without being fooled by your service provider. Among the benefits are the following:

1. Focus on quality content and not on keywords.

Some SEO professionals highlight too much on the keywords that derive poor quality content. Take this as a guide. Browse your website and read the contents. Optimized website has contents that are incorporated with keywords. If it is quite obvious, meaning the content seem unreadable, you can expect to rank on Google but be poorly felt by your readers or viewers. There is a thin line between these two. When you optimize, be sure that you also don’t forget the factors that makes a website attractive.

2. Determine your target market.

You cannot get good rankings when you don’t know what or whom you’re catering to. What is your target market? Where are you distributing your goods and services? Since there are myriads of websites online, you should be categorized according to the location, which you want to serve. In this way, your website will be searched once that particular location or group of people is typed into the search bar.

3. Incorporate social media.

Social media is an extension of search engine optimization and a key player for digital marketing. With its popularity, you can market your product and services in social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and whatnot.

Ultimately, follow what’s included on the quality standards that are implemented by Google. Stick to the basics and get updates from time to time so you can equip websites with advanced SEO techniques


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