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SEO Inhouse or Outsource: The Pros and Cons

Through time, people and business owners manage to evolve in the process where they get people to do work for them. Today, getting work done can be accomplished by two entities: inhouse and outsource.

Defining Both

Inhouse is the term used that pertains to the staff or employee of a company. On the other hand, outsourcing or outsource, refers to utilizing people outside the firm or company to handle the work needed. When you work in a firm and you go the office to report for work every day, you’re an inhouse worker. You’re an outsource worker when you don’t need to go to an office or workspace in order to work. You can work elsewhere provided that the communication with your client is present and active.

Which is Best?

Given the available options, a business owner can choose whether he can hire for an inhouse or outsource employer to do the SEO and drive organic traffic on their website. To help one with his decision, here are the following pros and cons:


A. Inhouse SEO

1. Pros:

a. Supervision

As they say, you can govern what you see. When you have employees that you see every workdays in your office. You can easily supervise them in what they do. For instance, you can train a hired employee to strengthen and widen his skills in SEO. This will be benefit your company as you use your employee in making the work done with flying colors.

b. Company or Business Stability

A company or business that has inhouse workers has more potential in creating a stable company in the future. Hiring inhouse employees is a sign of growth and success for any company. Your workforce is your trusted body in fulfilling the services you provide to your clients and, thus, make the business operations possible.


2. Cons:

a. Miscellaneous Expenses

Since you have inhouse employees, you are fully responsible on all things that they need and what the State mandates you to do so. You also have to provide your inhouse employees with promotions and other ways in which you can inspire them to work with you and for the company.

b. Change of Needs

There will be times that you’ll need new people to do new sets of task. There will be new openings in your business. But apparently, what you have are experts in a different field from SEO.


B. Outsource SEO

1. Pros:

a. Affordable

You can save more money through outsourcing. You don’t need to pay taxes of outsourced people. They only ask for the service payment and nothing else. If you’re just starting, some works can be done best by outsourcing.

b. Speed

You won’t need to post on online job directories, look for applicants, have them take the test and interview them. That will take time. Unlike outsource, you can just have contractors interviewed and work for you in just a day.


2. Cons:

a. No team

Your outsource people don’t know or may not fully know other people that works for you. You can’t expect people to get you in one time. You have to talk to them one by one.

b. Unique Agendas

Every outsource employee has their own agendas while they work for you. Therefore, you need to adjust on whatever agenda they may have. Example of this is time. Most outsource workers have their own preferred working hours.


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