SEO Myth VS Facts

Search engine optimization or SEO is, by far, the most established form under internet marketing. Businesses benefit from listing their business websites in the forefront pages of search engines such as  Bing, Yahoo and Google. But despite it’s popularity, people have mixed information regarding it. To break away from this, here are some of the myths and truths on SEO:

1)     Myth: Stuff all your website contents with your desired keywords.

Fact: In Google, too much keywords or keyword stuffing can ban your website on the search engines. This technique is unethical. Instead of gaining high rankings your website will be banned on a specific period.

2)     Myth: You can get on the first rankings through fooling or tricking the search engines.

Fact: Bad hat or unethical search engine optimization professionals usually do this. They can call themselves smart in knowing how to trick and fool search engines. But Google, per se, is smarter that these black hat SEO specialists. They can track if using unhealthy techniques and your website will suffer from being banned.

3)     Myth: You only need to optimize your website on Google and Yahoo.

Fact: Google and Yahoo are, in no doubt, the most popular search engines that we use whenever we search. But aside from these two, we also look for other search engines such as AOL, Bing and whenever we’re trying to locate things and topics that are not found on Google and Yahoo. Therefore, other search engines will also be considered when you’re optimizing your website.

4)     Myth: There are internet marketing and digital marketing businesses that offer free search engine optimization services.

Fact: Don’t buy this freebie when you find one. Search engine optimization takes multitude of processes in order to rank your website. That being said, you cannot run a website and have someone to optimize it for free. This will take man-hours and skills to be successful. Some online marketers provide free website consultation in order to persuade people that they can benefit more when their websites are fully and correctly optimized.

5)     Myth: An Internet or digital marketing company that guarantees #1 rankings.

Fact: Though this is an attractive guarantee sale tactic, this has 1% chance of happening. Search engines, with the popularity of SEO specialists all over the world, manage to give variety on how you can rank your website. Algorithms change rapidly and you cannot sustain being #1 every hour, every day. A true search engine marketing company will tell you this because this is the truth.

6)     Myth: My web designer also does my website’s search engine optimization.

Fact: Break up with your website designer. Designing and optimizing are two different things. A person or contractor cannot solely do it. There should be a group working on your website look and feel while another team is assigned in your website optimization.

7)     Myth: All optimization steps are done. I can now retire from the contract and services paid for search engine optimization.

Fact: Due to the constant changes and updates on search engine algorithms, you must maintain your optimization with your current service provider. In this way, you can see your website rankings sustained in the first two pages of the search engines.


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