User Experience

The Ultimate User Experience: Revenue Weapon

It is through the viewers wherein you’ll be able to get high revenues. With a good user experience, revenue will be easy. When SEO is all about keywords, content and links, your user is only about quality. So how do you provide your viewers with a good experience?

1. Simplicity is the key.

Who wants to view a website that has all the colors in one sight? More to that, it is placed in one viewing without any creativity or artistry provided. Can you even look with all the glittering and marquee texts all over your website. If you have a blog and you create it on your own, you research all accessories that you can include on it to make it different. But in your interest to make your blog unique, it tends to look like a compilation of things and, thus, becomes rubbish. With that website layout, do you still expect that viewers will read your blog entries? Will they come back and pay a visit when you have a new entry?  Therefore, manage to go back to the basic. Being simple does not mean being boring. After all, even if you have a plain white website background, the text matters the most.

2. Convey what you need to say.

User experience is absent when there is no texts available in a website. Yes, pictures can convey messages but the thrill of reading what is written in a website makes a viewer felt connecting with the website owner. What can you say when you see a website that has few texts? Do you feel delight? Do you get the information that you need? For words is the best way to persuade people. Strong, persuasive words will generate revenue. This is a sure thing. Will you feel interested to move further when the homepage is blank? It’s just a logo and some texts. What are you going to do with that?

3. The power to entertain.

Only an add-on yet effective, posting multimedia on your website can help grab the curiosity and interest of your viewers. A great user experience involves further connection felt from the website. If you have a website that promotes your services and products through a video or series of images, you can definitely work in persuading your viewers to look deeper and try your company. Though posting images and videos are suggested, one must consider the restrictions with SEO as well. Remember to limit the use of flash. Also, give a balance of texts and images to render a friendly and information-stimulating website.

Why Does It Generate Revenue?

How can you ear revenue when no one is visiting your website? What will you earn when there is no traffic? Therefore, your website does not only serve as your online identity but also a marketing tool in order to persuade your viewers to become paying customers. When your website is successful in providing the best customer experience it gives, revenue will surely hit your income rating.


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