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Top Onsite and Offsite SEO Mistakes

Search engine marketing can be divided into two:


SEO onsite involves techniques and process that has to be done in the website itself. There are things that must be done in the website in order to make it search engine friendly. The following are the processes made onsite:

1. Website Analysis

Whether your website has been optimized or not, your SEO service provider will conduct a website analysis. In this stage, the specialist will identify the errors that hinder the website to becoming search engine friendly. The SEO onsite processes will start after this step

2. Keyword-Rich Content

A website is search engine friendly when it has texts. More so, it can gain high rankings when the content is rich in keywords. When we say rich, this does not mean overdoing the keywords. Too much keywords can either ban or penalize your website from the search engines.

3. Meta Tags

Known as meta description, page title and heading or H1, meta tags help a website to index easily on the search engines. Your website’s meta tags should be composed of the right keyword phrases that is related to your business.


SEO offsite involves external techniques in order to derive traffic to the website. This is otherwise known as link popularity building. What is produced are high quality links through the following techniques:

1. Article/Press Release Submission

There are article directories online, either free or paid, where keyword-rich articles are submitted. The keywords are hyperlinked to the website in order to derive traffic. This is also similar with press release.

2. Blog Writing

Keywords will be distributed through creating blog entries or comments. This will disseminate information that includes the link from the keyword that directs to the website.

With this explanation, these two are crucial when mistakes are made. Examples of the top SEO onsite and offsite mistakes are:

1. Wrong keywords

There are factors to consider in generating the keywords that are best for your website. You may be looking into the keywords that you think is best for your business. But as the analysis were done, it shows that your chosen keywords have high competition rate in the search engines. Meaning, there are many websites competing for the said website. This can be optimized. However, it may take more than 5 months to years in order to compete with such keywords.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Because you know that keywords are important to rank your website, you will pour all the keywords you know in your website contents in order to ensure rankings. Apparently, you’ll end up banned or penalized because of this.

3. Wrong links

In offsite, link building is the major goal. But through the numerous directories where you have to submit it, you end up mistaking the keyword or link that should direct the reader or viewer to the website.

4. Poor content

Because SEO is all about links and keywords, people forget that search engines also recognize quality content from poor. Ensure your website has quality content for optimal SEO results.


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